5 Easy Tips to have a Calmer Life

Do you want to be Calmer, Clearer and more in Control of your Life?

The aim of this blog is to provide helpful hints and tips for being calmer, clearer and more connected with your authentic self so you can be inspired to make the changes you want in your life.

The kinds of topics I intend to cover will be broad-ranging to include things like:

  • Coping strategies for anxiety and stress
  • Easy ways to boost your wellbeing
  • The mind/body connection
  • Reconnecting with your authentic self
  • Finding your life’s purpose
  • Finding balance in our busy lives

I created the three step Calmer Life approach to help people find calm connection and change for life.

When we are stressed or anxious we often lose focus, become distracted and feel panicky and out of control. With practice we can become more aware of when this happens so we can reconnect with our bodies through our breath and awareness, and calm our minds.

These 5 tips provide a useful way to bring ourselves back into the present moment and become more mindful and aware of what is going on around us and within us. Just taking a moment to notice what we can see, hear, touch, smell and taste will distract our busy thoughts and allow space for clarity.

What do you notice when you take the time to tune in to your surroundings?

5 easy ways to be calm

If you are a fellow traveller on a journey of self-discovery who may have lost themselves along the way please get in touch.

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